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In Argentina, members of parliament connecting via ZOOM during the live telecast of the parliament caused a stir. In the context of LIVE conferences, which are part of everyday life in the Corona era, strange things can sometimes be seen.

But this case is a little different.

People can see from the left Juan Emilio Ameri FRENTE DE TODOS kissing topless. Before that, she was wearing his sweater. He sat on the 47-year-old’s lap and explained that he thought the camera was off. Looks like the Internet connection has been lost.

The chairperson interrupted the meeting and spoke of a situation unrelated to the normal functioning of the chamber.

Juan Emilio Ameri was temporarily expelled from the Buenos Aires parliament, Argentine media reported.

The jury is now deciding his political future – which doesn’t look good after he was discredited in the past for allegedly raping a 17-year-old boy.

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