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This question is asked by more and more psychologists who are interested in influencing the behavior of external stimuli in the form of broadly understood amenities. On the surface, this is a trivial question that is not accepted by most social groups. This is due to the fact that such people do not notice changes in their behavior and quickly accept any change in the environment. Which makes them quickly get used to technological changes that become something natural over time.

How does the development of technology relate to human mental development?

The point of reference for the above statement is the development of applied technology. Each new technology that is to serve and facilitate human functioning in everyday life is quickly assimilated and accepted. This contributes to some kind of mental and emotional dependence. A wide range of such technological innovations is the rapid development of microprocessors, which made the development of computers extremely fast. The minimization of microprocessors resulted in the minimization of computing units, which resulted in the rapid miniaturization of home devices, especially smartphones and TV sets.

The impact of new technology on human relations by means of the so-called dating site in front of a live webcam.

Smart cities use the already available technology and adapt it to their needs. The same thing happened with live webcams that are used for facial recognition or other similar tasks. It is worth mentioning that webcams were used in the technology of laptop computers and then in mobile phones. This technology is often used by naughty girls who register their accounts on free dating sites to meet other people who are also looking for sexy girls. This is one of the popular methods of remote contacting. At this point, one important thing should be mentioned, which is negatively reflected in the long term. Namely, such women who decided to show their image as a naughty girls on cam on some dating site become more courageous in their behavior, which translates into showing more and more of their intimacy. This is due to the fact that they do not have direct eye contact with the other person, which makes such a girl more open. This is a negative phenomenon due to the possibility of a later reduction of the distance and the impact on changes in the broadly understood behavior itself. Undressing in front of live webcams on dating sites, showing nude pictures by girls, or any other behavior that is not behavior while they are in the presence of other people is very negative from the perspective of long-term perspective.

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What is the relationship between the development of new technologies and human emotional development?

Along with the development of new technologies, we must take into account not only the comfort of using such devices, but also the other side of the coin, i.e. the negative impact of new technologies on human life and its functioning in the emotional aspect and social aspects. This is a phenomenon that we deal with more and more often. The solution to this problem would be to minimize the use of new technologies, but taking into account the fact that the emotional state of a person affects the mental state, we cannot give it up. This is because a person perceives that something is taken away from him that nobody likes, it is psychologically conditioned. The way to fight addiction to new technologies is to show a person that the technology he uses on a daily basis is unnecessary, which is contrary to the broadly understood development of technology.

The negative influence of electromagnetic fields on humans.

The problem of addiction to new technologies is not the only problem. A big problem that we encounter during the development of technology is the widely understood problem of the impact of electromagnetic waves on human cells. Which can translate into many health problems that will only show up after many years. Often the health problems are not related to the conditions of the fields produced by the consumer equipment. What makes a misdiagnosis.

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