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The blog was created with new technologies in mind

Will the development of new technology through new applications result in greater development of smart cities?

Smart regions should use new technologies, including mobile applications, in such a way as to facilitate the functioning of citizens. Also remember to follow the safety rules. Security in mobile applications should be distinguished at different levels:

  • the first level of security is security against hackers breaking into the system. This is a very important aspect but I will leave it to others to describe in detail
  • the next level of security is responsible for the mental well-being of people living in smart regions. This is social security. To ensure this, a number of procedures that will verify persons should be implemented. We are aware that to implement this postulate, a law that will require it should be created, but at the same time, the individual sphere of a citizen will decrease in exchange for security.

This is a necessary move to avoid situations like a certain person on Snapchat in the future. This shows how dangerous new technology that is not secured by special procedures can be. I will tell a story below

The abuser thought he was having sex with a teenager he called a ‘naughty girl’ on Snapchat.

Josh Sloan believes he messaged the 14-year-old on a social media app, sent her a topless photo and asked her to send him a “breast photo”. But the 24-year-old is actually dating adults who created fake profiles as bait.

Sloane, of Cardigan Road, Hilton Castle, Sunderland, appeared at Newcastle Crown Court on Friday and was found guilty of attempting to encourage a child to engage in sexual activity and have sex with a child. In January last year, he pleaded guilty within two days.

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Prosecutor Neil Pallister said the woman created a Snapchat profile posing as a 14-year-old girl and contacted Sloan. The bait “explained” that she was petite, but conversations of a openly sexual nature soon followed, with Sloane asking her to send him “breast pictures” and calling her a “naughty girl.” naughty”.

Mr Pallister said Sloan had also sent revealing images and asked people not to “take screenshots” or call them “women”. He said: “The defendant repeatedly removed decoys from the app but continued to add them. He called it a “perverted, perverted secret.” Sloan was later reported and arrested.

In her defense, Walker said that no one who tried to meet or have physical contact with the teen lied, and Sloan said she was “embarrassed by her situation”. “They said he was young and immature and that played a role in his behavior,” she said, adding that Sloane had a low risk of recidivism and that he was “taking care of himself.” take care of yourself”.

Judge Adams sentenced Sloan to eight months in prison and two years of probation, and ordered him to commit 43 crimes and 55 days of re-education. Sloan has been on the sex offender registry for 10 years and has a 10 year sex offender restraining order.


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