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The LEADER Weinviertel Ost area wants to be a smart area in the coming years. Among them, it aims to modernize city management, improve city work processes, and raise service levels for residents.

One liter of wine. Another LEADER project to accelerate the digital transformation of local self-governing bodies. Digital assistants are now available to cities to facilitate their daily work by automating simple workflows. “Not only after the Covid-19 crisis, digitization is one of the most important topics for the future. Now is the time to take advantage of the opportunities created,” said Jochen Danninger, member of the Economic Council. State said. Cases and Digitization.

Social, environmental and economic fields

The LEADER Weinviertel Ost area is known as the smart zone, a digital network area aimed at achieving social, environmental and economic sustainability goals. It’s basically about making the future easier with innovative solutions. Jochen Danninger, Head of Economy and Digital, explains: “This will further strengthen Lower Austria’s position as a place of business and make it relevant for the future. In the process, we want to support innovative projects like LEADER Weinviertel Ost”. LEADERSHIP Weinviertel Ost.

Resident Intelligence Assistant

The Smart Assistant project aims to provide the community with digital assistants that make their daily work easier by automating simple workflows. The necessary software for this is available and has been tested many times. However, it needs to be adapted to the needs of the community. Information from a public database is searched through a central interface and an FAQ database is created for various community skills. Kurt Jantschich, president of the Weinviertel Ost district in the LEADER region, explains: “During the pilot phase, the software will be integrated into the community website and then deployed to all 58 community sites. field to the east of Weinviertel. The project will be completed by the end of 2023.

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Country and EU support

The Weinviertel Ost LEADER has selected the project to finance in line with the local development strategy. Funding is supported by the state and the EU (LEADER funded). On the initiative of the Lower Austria Provincial Council, Jochen Danninger decided to support the EU LE/LEADER program and ecoplus regional funding.


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