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14 November 2019 - 15 November 2019
Brussels, Belgium
SMART REGIONS 3.0 Conference

META Innovation Platform

META Group is an international advisory and investment firm dedicated to creating and nurturing fast growing companies. META Group provides service to public and private players committed to fostering local and regional competitiveness; entrepreneurs keen to start up or further develop their companies; and researchers interested in exploiting their results.
The company’s main activities include innovation and entrepreneurship policies, use of research results, start-up creation support, access to finance and management of early stage funds.

META drives knowledge from lab to market by coaching entrepreneurs, advising authorities on innovation-boosting strategies and investing in promising ideas.

We drive knowledge to market by:

- advising authorities on innovation-boosting strategies;
- coaching entrepreneurs;
- and investing in promising ideas and opportunities.

META Group is championing the Innovation Platform, an all-inclusive system that boosts entrepreneurship in your city or region while simultaneously solving a local problem. Based on the success of the EU initiative Social Challenges, which META coordinated, the goal is to source entrepreneurial solutions from across Europe to solve issues that affect our communities.

The Innovation Platform: challenge-based innovation to boost entrepreneurship.

Access the finest international entrepreneurship minds and find innovative solutions to your community's challenges with the Innovation Platform!

Website: https://innovation.meta-group.com



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Rue Bara 175
1070 Brussels, Belgium

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Participants 145
Meetings 95


Austria 5
Belgium 203
Bulgaria 4
China 1
Croatia 2
Cyprus 1
Czech Republic 7
Denmark 3
Estonia 1
Finland 38
France 22
Germany 18
Greece 13
Hungary 6
Ireland 3
Italy 31
Latvia 3
Lithuania 2
Luxembourg 2
North Macedonia 1
Netherlands 12
Norway 5
Poland 20
Portugal 11
Reunion 1
Romania 18
Slovakia 1
Slovenia 2
Spain 44
Sweden 9
Switzerland 1
Turkey 1
Ukraine 1
United Kingdom 5
United States 2
Total 499


Public administration 296
Business 37
Research 43
Civil Society 6
Other 116
Total 498