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14 November 2019 - 15 November 2019
Brussels, Belgium
SMART REGIONS 3.0 Conference


The STARTED project mission is to teach more researchers to create companies; capitalising on their research innovations by developing their entrepreneurial skills.

It aims to lead to key changes in teaching and learning approaches to entrepreneurship for researchers and build strong and durable bridges between HEIs and businesses.

Research innovations often remain locked within research organisations (HEIs/research institutes and research-active businesses), never making their way into commercial startups or new business units. Leveraging these innovations should be a priority for such institutions. However, due to a dearth of entrepreneurial skillsets, researchers have little understanding about: (1) how to bring these innovations to market; (2) how to generate revenue; or (3) how to create important new areas for sustainable employment.The STARTED project will put in place a project-based learning approach for developing entrepreneurial skills (and spirit) in researchers, to foster interactions between stakeholders in R&D innovation, and to guide the transfer of innovative research projects through to becoming robust startup opportunities.

The STARTED mission is to teach more researchers how to create companies.This project will enable the setting up of a European Research-to-Startup Centre (ERSC) supported by a shared web platform which will centralise ad hoc learning and training contents/tools/guidelines to create/help future entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs. Dedicated resources for researchers will be available to support participants: 

ResearchInno Database: 
This is the first database specifically addressed to researchers who intend to evaluate the entrepreneurial potential of their invention/project/idea. Thanks to the partnership with Crunchbase, the biggest database of innovative companies throughout the world, ResearchInno helps the researchers in finding potential partners and competitors in their specific industry.

E-learning Platform: 
"Validate Your Idea" is an interactive, free e-learning course designed to introduce researchers to entrepreneurship and guide them through the main steps on how to validate the business potential of their ideas. Starting from the market discovery, the researchers will learn and apply fundamental concepts through a series of lessons that include both learning material and exercises.




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