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14 November 2019 - 15 November 2019
Brussels, Belgium
SMART REGIONS 3.0 Conference

East and North Finland

The regions of East and North Finland (ENF) have long traditions in co-operation. A new phase in the collaboration was launched in early 2018 when the ENF regions were chosen as one of European Commission's pilot areas to develop new approaches based on smart specialisation. The pilot was called Regions in Industrial Transition or as we like to call it, ELMO.

ELMO collaboration is about shaping the future of the ENF regions together. The core of the collaboration consists of smart specialisation that leads the way to identifying regional strengths and competences. The goal is to develop new practices that help enterprises to utilise the expertise and versatile network of innovation platforms in the ENF area.

The first phase of the ELMO collaboration produced the East and North Finland in industrial transition -smart specialisation strategy 2019-2023. In the second phase, we put the strategy to use in order to support industries, growth and employment in the ENF regions. We welcome you to follow the work that we do for the regions in the East and North Finland.

Website: https://elmoenf.eu/



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